Tess Roholt, LMFT

Finding hope, connection and a sense that “Things are going to be okay,” can feel like a hard task, especially in a time of social distancing. Whether you are going through some difficult life transitions, are bogged down by stress, feelings of loneliness, are in a process of recovery and/or have experienced significant trauma, my therapy approach will support you in unpacking difficult emotions and restore a deeper connection to yourself, others and the world. 


All your feelings and the ways you show up in the world make sense, given your experiences. My job will be to help you understand those reasons to have greater self-compassion, which is the first step towards positive change. Together we can process and repattern emotions that get stuck and build up the strong/resilient parts of you to help you cope and raise your quality of life.


My skill set is integrative and pragmatic. I combine traditional talk therapy with creative methods including drama therapy, psychodrama, narrative, embodiment and gestalt. In my work, I recognize and leverage the impact early attachment experiences have on current relationships, emotional regulation and difficulties in functioning. I am  warm, empathetic, calm and genuine.


I have worked with children, adolescents and adults and families suffering the impact of trauma, grief, terminal illness and/or substance abuse--often compounded by cultural and social dislocation. Through the use of trauma-centered psycho-therapy combined with evidence based techniques, I have assisted clients process and repattern traumatic schemas, externalize thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and access their strengths, empowering clients towards wholeness and wellbeing.


As your therapist, we will collaborate towards goals that meet your mental health needs. I am honored to join you in your journey towards recovery, hope, self-compassion and healing.