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Neuropsychological Testing

Testing consists of a one-hour intake interview, clinical rating scales/forms, and records review. Testing hours vary (from 6-20 hours total) depending on the nature of the evaluation request. A one-hour feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations.

  • Neuropsychological Assessment: To determine the current neuropsychological functioning of an individual to support the individual's academic, social, and overall functioning.

    • ADHD, Autism, specific learning disability, and personality disorder

  • Psychoeducational Assessment: To determine the current learning, developmental, and psychiatric disorders that may be relevant to the academic success of an individual.

    • School accommodations, IEP, 504 plan suggestions, parental suggestions, strategies to improve weaknesses in learning, etc.


IQ Test: To determine overall cognitive ability.

  • Verbal, processing speed, working memory, perceptual reasoning.

  • *APS is one of the preferred sites for Harker School.


Medical procedures: To determine an individual's psychological and emotional readiness.

  • Gastric bypass.

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