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Sandhya Gupta, MS, LMFT

We all feel lost from time to time. Whether the stress is work-related, familial, or based on our individual histories, therapy can be a very rewarding and life-changing experience. I have over 18 years of experience working with populations with different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. I work with adults, children, and families. I use a humanistic and experiential approach to build strong therapeutic relationships with clients, an essential component to ensure success of treatment. I draw from evidence based approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), especially when dealing with challenges related to anxiety and depression. I have also served as a Site Director and Clinical Supervisor for the Mental Health program at the Palo Alto Unified School District for 5 years. I am culturally sensitive and enjoy working with clients from a diverse background. I feel passionately about providing clients with a safe holding, non-judgmental, and empathic environment to help them thrive and be the best version of themselves.


"Sandhya has been a tremendous help to me throughout this process. I appreciated the fact that she guided me and helped me set goals without feeling rushed or pressured. I appreciated her ability to understand complex problems and suggest reasonable solutions. She gave practical advice that I could implement since she broke them down into small changes that were not too intimidating. Further, she customized or recommended exercises tailored to my case, which helped build my trust and our relationship. With her non-judgmental attitude, I also feel free to share my thoughts. Another thing I appreciate about her is that she is very patient and caring. She has a positive outlook, but isn't too overbearing. Also, she was very capable of handling crises when the discussion was intense. I have been very fortunate to have worked with Sandhya."


Most people would be so lucky to work with a therapist like Sandhya. I was a first-time therapy client and started meeting with her during a time of conflict and stress in my life (not to mention we were in the middle of COVID). I never left a session feeling like my meeting with Sandhya wasn’t a good use of my time. She’s warm, thoughtful, incredibly attentive and caring. She always help me see a different perspective to things in a way that felt natural and comfortable. That said, she challenged me to actively work through my conditioning and unhealthy habits. Working with Sandhya was truly transformational, and if not for my move across the country, I would still be working with her today.

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