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Alexa Aguilar

Aguilar, Alexa Headshot.jpeg

Alexa Aguilar is an executive functioning skills coach at Appletree Psychological Services under the supervision of Dr. Pan. Alexa is a first-generation bilingual and bicultural Latinx college graduate. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. After graduating college, Alexa focused her attention on working as an academic instructor, concentrating on the mentorship of marginalized and neurodivergent students from K – 12th grade. Alexa firmly believes her role is to help scholars develop the skills to learn and develop systems that work best for them so they can be successful in school, work and in their personal lives. Alexa’s coaching style is built around collaboration and openness. She recognizes that working with a coach can be intimidating, and it is hard to discuss areas where we struggle, so she takes a lot of time creating a connection with individuals. As a teacher and coach, she works with individuals to identify their goals, foster their strengths, and experiment with new strategies. Alexa’s goal is to provide a comfortable, respectful, and supportive space where clients feel heard and empowered.

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